Bloxorz – Unblocked

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Bloxorz – Unblocked

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Bloxorz unblocked -- It's like Tetris on steroids! Enjoy hours or mind boggling game play as you navigate your box shape into the red exit hole in order to advance to the next level.  How to save game -- Write down the pass-code that appears in the top-right part of the screen. Be careful as each move will result in a block disappearing. How to play: Press the L and R arrow keys to flip the bloxorz left and right, and the U and D arrow keys to move your box up or down on the squares to reach the red exit hole. Roll the bloxorz across any square with a circular symbol, or position the bloxorz upright on any square with an X-shaped symbol, to raise or lower a bridge made of squares to move across a gap between sections. Be careful as every move is important. Bloxorz unblocked is rated E for everyone.

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