Feed Us 5 unblocked

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Feed Us 5 unblocked

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Play Feed Us 5 unblocked - a cool eat-em-up game that is reminiscent of shark attack games such as Miami Shark. The goal of the game is as a deadly fish you inhabit the waters of an aquarium in a tank that you are dying to break out of and ensure that any humans in your proximity will soon be eaten to a pulp. There are missions, upgrades, and a variety of areas to explore, so have fun and enjoy the game. How to play -- Use your mouse to control the movement of the piranha. Jumping out of the water is achieved by swimming down into the water and popping your mouse rapidly above the piranha to make him leap out of the water. Your aim is simply to explore the environment outside the tank and cause absolute havoc along the way. Feed Us 5 unblocked is rated T for teens.

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