Kingdom Rush Save Game Fix, Google Chrome – Solved

Kingdom Rush Save Game Fix, Google Chrome – Solved

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Did you lose your progress?
You are not being able to save your games?

Follow the instructions below to solve your issue.

Google Chrome recently updated it’s flash player embedded plugin which conflicts with Kingdom Rush’s saving feature.

To enable savings follow this steps:
1 – Download and install the latest Flash Player:
(direct links:

2 – Open Google Chrome, write in your address bar “chrome://plugins” and hit enter

3 – At the top right click on “+ Details”

4 – Look for the Flash “Version: 11.3.31.X” and click Disable

5 – Verify the enabled version is set to “11.4.X.X”/”Shockwave Flash 11.4 rXXX”

6 – Refresh the Kongregate’s Kingdom Rush page.

You should now be able to play and save your progress.
Please make sure your browser is not set to erase any cookies on exit and that you don’t have a program like CCleaner wiping your data.
If you had previous saved slots and you want to recover them, you should also follow the next steps:

Google Chrome’s flash plugin stores your saved files at a different folder than the newlly installed flash player. You will have to find and copy your old saved games to the new location.

– Windows 7 –

1 – Open the start menu and write exactly C:Users%username%AppData
2 – It will open an explorer window, browse until you are at this location:
C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultPepper DataShockwave FlashWritableRoot#SharedObjectsMVJ4QGC2

(the last bold folder is a randomly named folder)

3 – At that location you will find a folder “”, right click over it and select Copy.

4 – Go to C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataRoamingMacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjects

5 – You will find there a randomly named folder, right click on it and select Paste.

6 – Refresh the Kingdom Rush page.

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    May be, you are right. I’m in this game site that lost my archive.


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